Instant, Accurate & Meaningful Reporting

School Executives want better quality reporting for themselves and the Board to assist them in their roles. For most schools, collating Management and Board reports can take days to prepare and focus on historical information. Our Dashboard are instantly refreshed straight from your chosen School Management System allowing more time for analysis and future planning.

Visual charts and graphs can help explain information, especially financial information. We are always mindful of the end user of our dashboard reports so we keep them simple, specific and ensure they answer the exact question you want the data to answer.

How long does it take to prepare your current Management and Board reports?

Student Example Dashboard.jpg

Example Student Dashboard

The dashboard provides crucial information in a simple graphical representation for the Board and Management of the College.
— Danielle Dwyer, Our Lady of Mercy College Parramatta

Key School Areas of Interest

Dashboards provide an instant overview of key metrics, but they should also allow for deeper analysis by comparing metrics over time. Every school has different operations and KPIs, therefore the reporting needs will be different. The Precision process involves in-depth workshops to examine your specific reporting needs.

These are some examples of they key areas that we focus on:

Finance: P&L analysis, financial KPI’s, capex, balance sheet risk, cash management

Marketing: Future enrolment pipeline, future student demographics, marketing activities

Students: Current student demographics, enrolment budgets & forecasts, student attrition

Debtors: Debtor risk, cash receipts, AR action Items

What information do you want to see? What story do you want to tell your Board or Sub -Committees?

Precision worked closely with me to create customised Synergetic student dashboard reports specific for Scotch College. The dashboards even have reports that highlight any potential errors in the data that I need to change.
I have saved hours each week as I don’t have to manually prepare enrolment reports for Executive.
— Carrie Cousar, Scotch College

Created straight from your School Management System

Dashboards don’t use big data, they use your school data

School Management Systems are powerful and capture a lot of school business data. At Precision, we assit with reporting on the non-educational data captured within your chosen School Management System.

We have successfully created customised dashboard reports for Maze, TASS and Synergetic systems.

Sometimes we also need to help schools with their internal processes to ensure key data is being accurately and consistently maintained in their School Management System.

Precision successfully implemented 3 dashboards at the College for Students, Debtors and Financial Risk that read from our Synergetic database. The information they convey is invaluable as they clearly identify and report on the KPI’s that we should be monitoring as a school.
— Jan Hurley, Rostrevor College

System Requirements

A dashboard cannot report from piles of paper….

School Management Systems must be set up and customised to school operations, used correctly by staff and be up to date. We see lots of schools using fantastic systems but they are not being used to their full potential and key school information is being maintained in spreadsheets outside of the main database which puts that data at risk of being:

  • Lost

  • Stolen

  • Undocumented

  • Double handled

  • Ignored and not actioned

Precision promotes the importance of having central information system so data is available to those who need it. We can assist with the transfer of critical information such as future student enrolments, student attrition and debtor management that is kept in manual spreadsheets, to be maintained in your School Management System.

Cost Benefit of Dashboard Reports

Consider the time it takes to prepare your current Management and Board Reports. How long does it take to for…

Accounts Receivable to prepare Debtor risk reports

Registrar to forecast next years’ student enrolments

Development to report on the success of marketing activities

Dashboard report eliminates report preparation to enable meaningful analysis of the information.

Are there critical areas of your Schools operations that are not reported on at all? For instance, student attrition is a crucial area for School Executives to be informed on and effectively manage, but unfortunatley this area is rarely reported on. We understand the information you need and can develop ways to capture this data in your system and instantly reported on it when you need using Dashboards.

We listened to what the school’s wanted. Our dashboard reports incur a once-off development fee with no ongoing subscription costs.

Eliminate the wage cost for report preparation and invest in analysis and pro-active decision making.

Learn more about school Dashboards

Information dashboards are useful tools to instantly relay key information in a simple graphic. However, for dashboards to work, there must be adequate systems and processes in place that produce accurate and timely data.

We explore how to make dashboards meaningful and the potential cost benefits of automated reporting. 

Dashboards are the ultimate end goal for School Management and Board reporting.