P.R.O.C.E.S.S Explained

There are a lot of buzz words around "business process improvement" that can either excite you or leave you rolling your eyes at another vague jargon term that sounds expensive.

This blog looks at the nine key factors that must be considered when creating or reviewing any business process. Ultimately, improving financial processes will lead to having higher quality and timely financial information.

School administration innovation

A case study showing where a school can use new technologeis in finance and administraiton to dramatically improve the efficiencies of internal processes.

These technologies can save time and money as well as improve communication and school management.

A successful Ironman for beyondblue

A successful Ironman for beyondblue

At 5:50am on a chilly Sunday morning in Busselton WA, 1,700 athletes jumped into the ocean to start a grueling Ironman Triathlon. These athletes had spent years training for this demanding course that would test their physical and mental strength and endurance.

Precision Management Accounting proudly sponsored an athlete, Adam Barbalet to compete in this event to raise money for the charity, beyondblue.

The Management Accounting Process Explained in Video

I am often asked to explain how Management Accounting differs from the traditional compliance based accounting services.

This video explains the Management Accounting Process which can be applied to all organisations.