An exclusive event on Thursday 18th OctobeR 2018

Tools 4 Schools: A Technology Schowcase

I want to invite you to an afternoon seminar exclusively for School Business Managers like you.

Let me explain why you must attend . . .

Your job isn't easy. You have to have in-depth knowledge, manage complex processes, and provide the right information at the right time. And all of this to a wide range of people both inside and outside of your school. For example:

  • School boards and committees

  • Government regulatory departments

  • School sector governing bodies

  • Staff members

This exclusive seminar will give you tips & techniques to automatically provide always up-to-date information. And to help you manage risk. What's more, it will also show you low cost software tools to aid you - software you probably already have!

The 3 Expert Speakers

David Powell, Risk 4 Schools

David Powell, Risk 4 Schools


Here are just some of the risks you face every day:

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Financial

  • Reputation

  • Competition for students

Quite understandably, Government, parents, staff, students, insurers – and the broader community – all demand you're strong on risk management.

But how effective are you at addressing the risks at your school?

Schools often concentrate on health & safety risks and neglect the equally important strategic and operational risks. In this presentation David Powell explains:

  • The roles and responsibilities of your Board and management in managing risk – as part of developing your student safety and well-being policies

  • What the nationally recognised ISO 31000:2018 standard for managing risk contains

  • How to develop a risk management framework tailored to your school - taking account of your student numbers, finances and other pertinent issues

  • A proven, cost-effective process for identifying, assessing, and managing your risks within weeks not months

  • Technology to rank risks according to Likelihood and Consequence; including how to dynamically generate heat maps

David will also show you 2 current examples which demonstrate the processes he's been speaking about.

Anita Wassermann, Precision Management Accounting

Anita Wassermann, Precision Management Accounting

How to Automatically Provide always up-to-date information

Sharing information with everyone you work with – inside and outside of your school – is vital.

But how can you do it easily, automatically and in a way everyone will understand? The answer is to use 'dashboards'.

Dashboards give instant access to key information – as well as helping present operational and financial performance data – in a visual format. making them much easier to understand.

Once you've set them up, dashboards significantly reduce and even eliminate manual report preparation time.

The people most likely to benefit from using dashboards are the Registrar, Accounts Receivable Officer, Accountant and you. Why? Because the easy to understand, key information helps you answer questions like:

  • How many student enrolments will there be next year?

  • What are the student attrition rates, reasons for leaving and which schools are students moving to?

  • What is the current debtor risk profile?

In this session with Anita , you will discover:

  • Example dashboards and how they can be used for better school management

  • How dashboards can be used to identify potential data integrity issues within your school management systems

  • The potential financial savings of using automated reporting

Angela Wood, Pact IT Solutions

Angela Wood, Pact IT Solutions

How to get more done, more quiCkly & more easily

There's lots of software to help you automate your administrative processes.

But why not use the one you probably already have? Microsoft Office 365.

And it can do so much more for you than just email, writing letters & reports, spreadsheets and creating presentations. In her presentation, Angela will show examples of how Office 365 can help you:

  • Easily create new plans, organise and assign tasks, share files, chat about jobs or projects you're working on – and get progress updates

  • Lets departments and committees create and collaborate in real time – in secure workspaces

  • Centrally and easily manage your diverse content – including documents, lists, and dashboard reports

  • Simplify and enforce your business rules

  • Create simple workflows quickly and easily

  • Replace paper-based staff requests

  • Use event calendars to keep track of all your compliance requirements

  • Upload, share and play back video messages throughout your school

  • Connect with people, teams and information across your school

But that’s not all…

As well as your 3 expert presentations, there's also an hour set aside for you to talk with the other people attending.

Discuss with, learn from and help your peers in a relaxed environment. Did I mention drinks and nibbles? They'll be served from 4pm to 5pm so you won't find yourself flagging.

Here's everything you get at this exclusive seminar

  • 3 expert presentations

  • Time to network

  • Drinks and nibbles

All of this is yours for only $22 – this includes GST.

To be frank, the speakers have given their time for free. It's just the cost of the refreshments we need to cover.

The seminar is at: Intersect, 167 Flinders Street, Adelaide, SA 5000

And starts at 1:45pm on Thursday 18th October.

Presentations run from 2pm until 4pm – the final hour is yours for networking.

As I'm sure you can tell, this event is bound to be popular and seats are limited. 

(Please note due to space only 2 attendees from your school can come – sorry. If you need to cancel, you get a full refund if you tell us by 11th October)


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